Air Brake


Program Overview

Air brake course is mandatory for all class license the driver possesses. On completing the air brake course, you will receive an Alberta Government Notice of Air Brake Program Completion. You can take the certificate and complete the course's written exam to any Alberta Registry. Once you pass the exam, your endorsement will be applied to your current driver's license.

Prerequisites for the course

An Alberta License Class 7 or better

What is included in the course?

    • Air Brake System Text Book
    • 6.5 Hours in Class
    • 2 Hours in truck, practical training and testing. 
    • Multiple choice test at a registry is extra $18.00 

How long is the course?

      • One full day in class
      • One 2 - 3 hour practical in cab
      • Written test in the registry

How much does the course cost?


Can I pay instalments?

This course must be prepaid to book.

How many tests can I take?

The practical test can be taken two times max.

Two failures require you to take the course again. (AB. Transportation Regulation)

Unlimited attempts on multiple choice questions test at the registry at $18 per attempt.

Course Start Dates

June 5 2021
June 26 2021
July 10 2021
July 24 2021
August 7 2021
August 21 2021

For more information or to register call

Calgary: +1 403-389-1380
Edmonton: +1 780-672-2131

Operating Hours

Mon-Sat: 8:30 am – 7:30 pm

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